Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New! Llama and Angora Yarn! Jared Flood Book!

Two new yarns are in!

Montera is a 50% llama 50% wool blend aran yarn that comes in a ton of lovely colors.

Lush is an 50% angora and 50% wool blend--perfect for soft and magically angora-y projects.

We have two new books with great patterns for both yarns. Jared Flood's new book, Made in Brooklyn, is full of beautiful, classic shawls and sweaters, hats and mittens.

Snow Day has adorable patterns for sweaters, cardigans, hats and shawls.

Jaime made this Big Stitch Hat from Snow Day in just one hour last craft night!


Anonymous said...

I just wrote some blog love for you guys over at Fancy Tiger. Thank you for being so cool and fun to shop with.

fancytiger said...

Thanks Stacie! Those are some great photos!