Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Crafting

We are getting ready for the lovin'-est holiday of the year, and what Valentine's Day would be complete without conversation hearts? Here's a project you can craft up in no time for your honey or your secret crushmuffin.

Here is how to needle felt your very own conversation hearts.

Heart shaped cookie cutter
Wool roving in Pink, White, Yellow, Lavender, Mint and Peach
Felting needle
Felting surface (foam, brush or sponge)

Fill your cookie cutter with wool roving. Place on felting surface and poke with felting needle until it holds its shape and develops a smooth surface. Repeat for all conversation hearts.

Decide on what sayings you want on your hearts. Using an ultra fine point Sharpie in hot pink, write your sayings on the hearts with a gentle jabbing motion.



Anonymous said...

Love felting. Love candy hearts. What could be better than combining the two?

Trish said...

cute! I love your blog, btw.

Unknown said...

OMG what a fab Idea, I have so many crazy cookie cutters, I can't wait to use them as patterns.